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Download Error

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When downloading Zip files, your browser may mark the download as malicious or as malware. This issue may be occurring with certain browsers (Chrome and Firefox). As files are blocked by these third-party applications there a few workarounds we can suggest. The first is to use another browser such as Safari or Edge. 

Another workaround is to manually approve the download. See the following steps below on how to do this for both Chrome and Firefox.


  1. When you run into the error you will need to go to Settings in the top right corner and then select Downloads.
  2. Select Keep dangerous file > Keep anyway. The file will now download and appear in your Downloads folder.


  1. When you are unable to download the file you will need to go to the top right corner and selecting the download icon and select the file in question.
  2. Select Open and the file will download and be saved in the Temp folder. 

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