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Upload Assets & Create Albums/Folders

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How to upload assets using the the mobile app - Canto DAM 

Within an album

  1. Open an album in your library.
  2. Tap the upload icon within an album to see the upload options.
  3. Select either Photos and Videos to open your phone's library or Browse to open your phone's file storage.
  4. Select the files you would like to upload and confirm by tapping Open/Done.

Library screen

Tap the upload icon on the library screen to see upload options and folder/album creation options.

Within a folder

Tap the upload icon within a folder to see folder/album creation options.

You can use an Upload Link that has been created in Canto's web version to upload files through the app.

Enter the URL of an Upload Link instead of your Canto tenant when logging in to the mobile app.
If you are already logged in tap on your avatar (user menu) and select Logout.
Note: Make sure to not include the https:// section of the link, otherwise the login will fail.

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