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With the Canto iOS mobile app, you can easily upload files, share content and download assets – all from your mobile phone.

Simply log in with your Canto credentials to manage and share your brand assets on the go.


To use the Canto iOS app, you must be an existing Canto customer. Compatible with iPhone 8+ and iOS 13+. Download it now in the Apple App Store!



  • Access your entire Canto library
  • Search all your assets, or narrow things down with folders and filters
  • Easily share content with a link or email – or directly to social media and popular file storage sites
  • Upload new assets and add tags
  • Manage video content
  • Comment on assets and collaborate with your team
  • Download original versions
  • See all your asset information – keywords, tags, descriptions, digital rights, related files, comments, versions, etc.
  • Update Portals
  • Customize your login screen, color scheme and logo



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