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Upload Files directly to Albums

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using either an administrator's or a contributor's* account in order to upload files directly to an album.

*the privilege "Upload Content" must be active

How to upload files directly to albums

  1. Select the desired album in the folder tree on the left.
  2. Click on + Upload Files.
  3. A dialog for selecting files on your computer is displayed. Once you have made and confirmed your selection, the files are uploaded.

    They are then available in the selected album and in the main library.

Alternatively you can use the drag & drop option.

Metadata Upload Editor

Under Settings > Configuration Options > Upload Settings you can decide whether you want a pop up window to show up when uploading files to your library via the above described method or when using Canto Connect.

Furthermore, you can set required metadata that needs to be added when uploading to ensure a minimum of added information to your assets.

Under Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration you can adjust the editor's layout to your liking.

Decide which Fields should be included by clicking the + or the X symbol (1), rearrange them using drag & drop (2) and set up if you want certain fields in your layout to be opened up by default by clicking the v symbol.

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