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Install the Canto Adobe Connector manually

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In some cases, it might be necessary to manually install the Canto Adobe Connector. 

This typically occurs in customer environments that are rather complex and where network traffic is restricted.


If your installation issues cannot be solved by THIS ARTICLE, follow the below steps to manually install our Canto Adobe Connector to your machine. 


How to install the Canto Adobe Connector manually

  1. Start with closing all Adobe applications.
  2. Open the following URL:
  3. Click on Free.
  4. You will be asked to sign in using your Adobe credentials.
    The icon will change from Free to Install Now and a dialogue pops up.
    Next, click on Installation Help.
  5. Download the Canto Adobe Connector as a ZXP file (#1) and the officially supported extension manager Anastasiy (#2) to install the ZXP file.
  6. Open Anastasiy on your computer.
  7. Click on Install and browse to the location where you saved the ZXP file from before.
  8. A little popup window appears once the installation is complete. Afterwards, you should see our connector appearing in the list.


As an alternative to Anastasiy you can use ZXPInstaller that is freely available at:



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