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Install the Canto Adobe Connector

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The Canto Adobe Connector enables you to link your Canto account to the Adobe Creative Cloud. 


The installation process is the same for both macOS and Windows.

  1. Go to the following URL:
  2. Click Free:
  3. Once you see the Green Check Mark, select Install Now.If you are having trouble downloading the app, click on Download/Install another way and follow the steps on the browser.
  4. You will be prompted to open the Adobe Creative Cloud. Open the app and select install in Adobe Creative Cloud.


When the Adobe Connector is installed, an administrator must explicitly allow users (other administrators and contributors) to access it.

  1. The admin can do this by going to Settings > Users & Groups > Users
  2. Open the users who should have access to the Adobe Connector for editing and select the Access to Adobe Connector checkbox for each.

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