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Import Files from Upload Link

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Files uploaded via an upload link are not yet available in the Canto library at first. Uploaded files must be verified and then explicitly imported into the library.

There are two ways to start the verification of files uploaded via an upload link.

How to import files that were imported via an Upload Link

  1. Either you click on the link contained in the mail that informs you about a new upload ...
  2. Or you go to App Switcher >  Upload Links and click on Review.
    Both ways produce the same result – the uploaded files get displayed in a new tab.
  3. When you move the mouse over a file, icons for selecting, deleting and downloading are displayed in the corners of the thumbnail.
  4. Select the file(s) you would like to import and drag them onto an album in the Folder- and Album Tree on the left.
    Note: You can only add the file(s) to albums, not to folders.
  5. The following information pops up.Select the Remove Files After Import-checkbox to automatically delete the imported files from the temporary upload directory. (You can also delete the files yourself later). 
  6. Click Continue to complete the import.

The selected files start to import into your Canto library.

Note: Files that you do not want to import or that are already imported can be deleted, either individually or by selecting multiple files and then deleting them together.  

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