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Custom Logo and Login Page Branding

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to change the login page branding.

User menu Account Branding 

How to customize your logo and login page branding

You can customize your login screen to fit your branding.
Everything in the two preview screens that is displayed with a dashed white frame around it can be changed. You can identify these fields by hovering your mouse pointer over the preview as well, since it will change to a hand.


Note: If you use a background image that is bright at the top, you will have difficulty seeing the Site Title and Edit Background buttons. In this case you can change the Text & Icons Setting from Light to Dark.


  1. Click in a frame to edit the content.
    You can change the default icon file (favicon), logo, site title, welcome text and background image/video. All changes you make will be displayed in the preview.

    - For a video login screen background make sure that the video you want to use as your login background is not larger than 10 MB.
    - For a login screen background image the recommended aspect ration is 3:2 and the recommended size is 1800 x 1200.
    - For your logo, we recommend using a PNG file that should not exceed a maximum length of 1000 px and a maximum height of 200 px.

  2. Click Save to apply your changes.


Here you can find further information on how you can adjust your main library branding.

Video: How to brand your Canto media library

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