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Creating MDC URLs for embedding images

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Note: This feature is available since 6th March 2024. If you have purchased the MDC before the 6th March 2024 and want to have access the MDC Embed Tool, please create a support ticket to have the feature enabled for your account.


Important: When the delivery mode "by selection" has been activated for your MDC, then you would need to publish the image first (by setting the custom field "MDC Publish Image" to "yes"). Otherwise the image URL from the MDC Embed Tool would not work.



MDC Embed Tool

The MDC Embed Tool can be found in the toolbar of the asset preview screen. Clicking on it will open a modal dialog that lets you create MDC URLs.


Templates can be set up during implementation, or later by the Canto Support. They make it easy to publish variants of images in a standardized way, for example, standard sizes and formats for thumbnails or product images on a digital storefront.

When a template is selected, only the SEO File Name can be adjusted. Selecting "Custom" will allow the user to set every conversion parameter manually.


SEO File Name

The field "SEO File Name" can be used to attach an SEO-optimized name to any MDC URL, to help search engine crawlers better index the published images.

Any text is supported, as the output will always be encoded correctly.


Smart Crop

When enabled, Smart Crop uses the region of interest created with the Smart Cropping Editor. See "Smart Cropping with the MDC" for further details on how to create a region of interest for assets.

Smart Crop allows you to create cropped versions of your images using a smart algorithm. Smart Crop generates a cropped version with the specified width and height, that contains the region of interest. The region of interest will be fully placed in the resulting crop, and its location within the cropped image is controlled using the "Orientation" setting. The example above results in a cropped image that is 640x480 pixels and has the region of interest placed in the top left corner of the image.

If no region of interest is defined, Smart Crop uses the whole image as the region of interest.



When enabled the option "Scale" will scale the output up or down to the selected dimensions.

Scaling will be applied to the cropped version when Smart Crop is enabled. Otherwise, scaling will apply to the full asset.

There are two types of scaling available, both retain the correct aspect ratio:

  • Max width/max height will ensure that the output does not exceed the given dimensions.
  • Fit into square box will fit the image into a box of the given size.


Format and Image Quality

Format will let MDC generate a file of the given output format when enabled.

The following formats are supported:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • WEBP
  • JPEG2000

For the JPEG format, the image quality can be set. When "Image Quality" is enabled, the format selection will automatically switch to JPEG. When a different format is selected, "Image Quality" will be automatically disabled.


Generated URL

Clicking the field "Generated URL" will copy the MDC URL into the clipboard. From there it can be pasted into the target system, like a CMS. The generated URL is always updated as soon as you change an option.

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