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Mobile Interface Customization

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User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Mobile Interface

How to customize the interface for mobile

In the Metadata Editor (Upload), Metadata Editor (Bulk Edit), Information Page and Filter Panel tabs, you have the following options for customizing your mobile interface:

  • You can add content from the right column FIELDS to the LAYOUT by clicking the +-icon.
    Fields under LAYOUT will be displayed in the corresponding interface.
  • Content can be moved to arrange the layout according to your preferences (drag & drop).
  • You can specify whether the content should be displayed as expanded or collapsed by clicking the ^-icon.
  • You can remove content from the LAYOUT by clicking the X. Removed content appears under FIELDS.
  • Make sure to add the field called Preview under Information Page so that you can see and open previews all your files (videos, documents, etc.).

In the Display tab you can define how your content should be displayed and sorted initially.

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