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Functions within Canto's Video Embed Feature

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This add-on enables you to embed a video playback script on web pages in order to stream videos to viewers around the world. The supported formats are DASH, MP4 and HLS.

Please contact your account manager if you would like to enable the optional license for video streaming.

Note: Depending on browser the functions are located in different areas of the player.

Click here to learn about how to embed videos within Canto.

The following options are available in the video player:

View Options

  • Full Screen View

    You can toggle the Full Screen view on and off.
  • Picture-in-Picture View (PIP)

    Your viewers can watch the video in the Picture-in-Picture mode. This allows your viewers to scale the video to their liking and move it around on their screen(s). If the window is closed it will be back in "place".
    Note: You can also minimize the web browser. The window will always stay in front of all the other open windows.

General Functions

  • Play/Pause

  • Sound Control

    Regulate the volume with the slider or (un)mute the video by clicking on the Sound icon.

On website:

Full Screen:

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