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Map Groups and Roles from Azure to Canto

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Note: You are required to have Single Sign On (SSO) activated for your account in order to map groups and roles from Azure to Canto.
Only administrators and users with the privilege to Manage Users & Groups can access this function.


You can map groups and roles of users from Azure to Canto by using the Group ID.


How to find Group IDs in Azure

In Canto this ID is referred to as Azure Group ID and in Azure it is named Object Id.

  1. Open your Azure environment and sign in.
  2. Search for and select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Open the Active Directory and you will find your Groups section.
    Here you can manage your existing Groups and add new ones.
  4. Under Object Id you will find your Azure Group ID that you can copy over to Canto.


How to map your Azure Groups to Canto

If SSO is activated for your account and you are either logged in as an administrator or have the privilege to Manage Users & Groups you can add groups using Azure Group IDs.

  1. In Canto navigate to Settings Users & Groups  Groups.
  2. Paste the Object Id which you retrieved from your Azure Active Directory into the field Azure Group ID.
  3. Click on Create and your group will be mapped to Canto.


How to map Custom Roles to Canto using Azure Group IDs

Note: These roles have to be managed within Azure.
You can map custom roles to Canto by inserting Azure Group IDs in the Add New Custom Role dialog. To map the Contributor or Consumer role, please contact the Support Team.

  1. Navigate to
    User menu Settings  Users & Groups  Privileges
  2. Click on the plus icon to add a new custom role.
  3. Insert a Azure Group ID.

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