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Setup different IDPs for SSO

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Multiple IdPs can be used with a single Canto account.

To support multiple IDPs on a Canto instance, Canto needs the following information:

  • A logic(al) name for the different IDPs. It can be the IDP type or any other name, like vendor, azure, adfs1, adfs2 etc.
    Note: The name cannot contain spaces.
  • IDP Metadata (xml file) for each IDP.
  • A custom button text for each button (see picture below).
  • The order of the SSO login buttons (from top to bottom, see picture below).
    The picture above is showing multiple IDP settings displayed in a drop-down menu.


All IDPs are using the same Sp Entity Id, usually it is


The callback URL should be changed from to{logic_name}/callback


Logic_name: was defined in the first step (vendor, azure, adfs1, adfs2 etc.), so the real callback URL might look like:

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