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Connection Issues - Canto Adobe Connector

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After installing our Canto Adobe Connector you might experience connection issues.

Canto Adobe Connector connection issues

This is how it's supposed to look like after installing the Canto Adobe Connector:

Instead, the extension window might appear blank:

Or the extension window might fail to load:

How to solve this problem

To solve this, simply delete the canto folder in the below directory.


Navigate to:



Navigate to:

Hard Drive/Users//Documents/

Other approaches

The connection issue might also be caused by at least one of the following safety measures within your infrastructure:

  • A proxy server prevents communication between the extension and your Canto account
  • A firewall prevents communication between the extension and your Canto account
  • An anti-virus software blocks aspects of the extension or limits communication
  • Permission sets within your network block aspects of the extension or limit communication
  • Permission sets on your local machine block aspects of the extension or limit communication

A simple test to verify whether or not communication is blocked by your infrastructure is to either set up a personal hotspot with a smartphone or to log in to another network (e. g. the Wi-Fi from home or a public cafe etc.) and try again.

To troubleshoot this issue within your infrastructure, you or your IT department need to unblock the Canto Adobe Connector from your safety measures and/or allow communication through it.

Depending on your Canto URL, our extension uses one of the following URLs that need to be unblocked on your side:

Note: Since Canto is a cloud-based solution, we do not use a single IP address that could be whitelisted on your end. 

The unblocking needs to be based on the above-mentioned URL.

If images are not generating or previewing within your extension window, you will need to reach out to your IT team to whitelist some domains. Please contact our Canto Support team for more details about this.

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