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Bulk Import of a User Table

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In certain scenarios, there may arise a need to import users from an already established table. To facilitate this process seamlessly within our backend system, we kindly request the submission of a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file from your end. 


  1. Create a support ticket.
  2. Attach your CSV file.

    Specifications of the CSV file:
    • UTF-8 encoded
    • Columns separated by commas (,)
    • Content exactly match the column names described in Content of the CSV file

      Content of the CSV file:
      First Name, Last Name*, Group, Email*, Role, Access Main Library, Private Portals, Adobe
      * = required fields

      • GroupName of your Canto Groups. Multiple groups need to match the names of the groups in Canto, separated by comma (spaces possible).
      • Role: Consumer, Contributor, Admin, Custom Role name
      • Access Main Library: Yes or No
      • Private Portals: URL name of private Portal to be accessed. Multiple Portals need to match the URL names in Canto, separated by comma with no spaces, for instance: "MyPrivatePortal,PrivateSalesPortal".
      • Adobe: Yes or No
  3. For existing users, the import will 
    1) Overwrite role and main library access 
    2) Append group and portal access
    Note: If you don't need any Groups or Portals assigned to the users keep the column empty. In this instance the existing users in Canto will be skipped.


Important: All groups and portals - that are referred to in the CSV file - need to be available in Canto before importing users!


Example: users template.csv


Note: You will not be able to bulk add users to grant access to Style Guides and Workspaces

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