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Find and Replace

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You can search for file names and keywords or for components of file names and keywords and replace them. You can also add a prefix, suffix or numbering to filenames.

How to use find and replace

  1. Select a file by clicking on the check in the right-hand corner.
  2. Select the edit button in the uppermost right-hand corner. It will prompt you to the 'edit content' pop up window.
  3. Scroll down to find the Find & Replace section.
  4. When searching and replacing, you have the following options:
  • Match Case: Case is whether a letter is uppercase or lowercase. If the Match case box is checked, then Find and Replace becomes case-sensitive. 
  • Whole words only: Designed to only match entire words; that is, match text beginning and ending.
  • Append: You can choose to add a prefix or suffix for a filename or tag.

For all words that you would like to identify and then replace with another word, type in your selections and then hit Apply.

How to add a prefix, suffix or numbering to filenames

  1. Select the Append checkbox.
  2. Select Prefix or Suffix and enter the desired string.
  3. Click Apply.


  4. Select the Number checkbox.
  5. Set the options for numbering and click Apply.

Note: This only works for file names, not for tags!

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