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Universal Connector

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The Universal Connector is JavaScript code built with the inclusion of:

  • Canto login authentication/authorization
  • Smart Albums filter
  • Folders/albums filter
  • Global text search

For developers, this tool can be used to help integrate Canto with your JavaScript supported applications.

The code can be modified as needed to suit your application!

Single Sign-On is supported with the Universal Connector.

An example of our Universal Connector being setup with Salesforce Classic is shown here.

A full sample package with the source for our Universal Connector is attached at the bottom of this page.

To view the sample:

  1. Open UniversalConnector.html from the package.
  2. Click Insert Files from Canto.

Function overview:

  1. Login Page

  2. Canto Library with the folder/album tree on the left

  3. Global text search

  4. Preview and insert individual files

  5. Bulk select and insert files

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