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Annotation Marks

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Annotation Mark-Icons

  1. Open an image's/a video's Detail View. You will find the toolbar above the asset's preview, here you want to look for the Create and Read Comments icon. The red dot indicates existing comments that are marked on the image/video.
  2. Click the icon to view existing comments or in order to add new comments. The icon is now displayed in red. If you want to hide the comments or the markers, click the icon again.

  • annotation marks have been created but are hidden:
  • annotation mark(s) get displayed & you can add new comments, reply, edit, delete:
  • annotation marks are hidden or no annotations have been created yet:

How to add comments

  1. Click on the Create and Read Comments icon if it is not already displayed in red.
  2. The mouse pointer changes to a + with which you can leave a new comment at any position.
  3. Click on Save.

How to read comments

  1. Click on the Create and Read Comments icon if it is not displayed in red.
  2. Click on a numbered red circle.
    The corresponding comment will be displayed.

Information page

  1. Locate the Comments section.
  2. All comments that are marked on the asset will be displayed with a icon next to it. Clicking the icon will take you to the corresponding mark on the image/.
  3. You can reply here as usual, edit or delete your comments.

Video comments

  1. Type in the duration for your comment.
    Note: The limit is 10 seconds.
  2. Write out your comment.
  3. Click on Save.

If the annotations are enabled you can also see the marks in the video's progress bar. Graphical user interface, application, website

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Display annotations in a shared video 

When you share a video with annotations as an Email Collection Link, you can choose whether to display annotations in the shared video for the recipient to see.

Video: How to annotate an image in Canto

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