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Connect Canto to Slack

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Administrators - and users with the "Manage Custom Connections" privilege - are able to connect Canto to Slack, and customize which activities will trigger a Slack notification.

How to: Connect Canto to Slack

  1. From your Canto client, navigate to:
    • User menu, accessed by clicking on the User menu -icon, or user profile picture
      • Profile
        • My Preferences
          • External Connections
  2. Click on Connect

  3. Sign in to your workspace by entering your workspace's Slack URL or create a new one by clicking the hyperlink.

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Sign in with either Google, Apple or your work email.
  6. In the next step you have to give Canto the permission to access your Slack workspace.

  7. Click on Continue within the Authorized Operations dialogue.
  8. Select the channel you would like to be used for the notifications and press SELECT.

From now on, every time you perform an activity that has been selected by the administrator, a notification is sent to the selected Slack channel.

How to: change, temporarily disable, or disconnect the current channel

If you would like to change channel, disconnect or simply turn the function off temporarily, you can come do so under External Connections.

How to: Configure which type of notifications are sent to Slack

Please note: You need to be an Administrator to make changes to the type of notifications sent to Slack.

Open User menu, Settings, Links & Connections, External Connections


To specify for which activities notifications are sent in Slack:

  1. Click the Slack icon.

  2. Check the activities for which notifications are to be sent.
  3. Click on Save to confirm.

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