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Connect Canto to Vimeo and share Videos

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Note: This is a one-time setup.

  1. In Canto click on the share icon in the toolbar at the bottom of a video's thumbnail or in the toolbar above a video's preview.
  2. Select Vimeo.
  3. A new browser tab will open up. Here you can either create a new account (Join Vimeo) or log in with an existing one.
  4. Allow Canto the access to your Vimeo account.
  5. After allowing Canto the access to your account you can go back to Canto and click on Continue.
  6. Now you can share the selected video to Vimeo and you will see another pop-up that confirms that you successfully shared the video.
  7. When logging into your Vimeo account you will see the newly shared video on your landing page.

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