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You can track activity/account usage which occurs in your Canto account by using Google Analytics' data reporting. 


While this feature is enabled, the following events & information are sent from Canto to Google Analytics:

  • Unique visits
  • Average time on site
  • Page views
  • Average pages viewed per visit
  • Geographical statistics - new & returning visits from countries & territories
  • Traffic - referrals, direct traffic, and search engines
  • Content viewed
  • Downloads
  • Shared page statistics
  • Browser & operating systems


Google is planning to sunset their Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. We recommend updating your Universal Analytics Tracking to Google Analytics 4
See Google’s support site for more information. Once you update to a Google Analytics 4 Tracking ID, you can follow the instructions shown on this page to link this new Tracking ID with Canto.

The Google Analytics 4 ID starts with “G-“. You will not be able to use a Universal Analytics Code property which starts with “UA-” after July 2023.


Requirement: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to connect Canto to Google Analytics.


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How to connect Canto with Google Analytics

You'll need a Tracking ID from Google Analytics. Click here to learn how to get a Tracking ID from Google.


Once you have the Tracking ID:

  1. Select Google Analytics.
  2. Check the box that reads Send data from your Canto instance to Google Analytics.
  3. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID (starting with "G-").
  4. Click Save to complete the configuration.

Data from Canto will then appear in the homepage of Google Analytics.

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