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You can get a selective overview with the help of various reports that contain all sorts of information about the usage and performance of your Canto installation.


All available reports are displayed on the left, divided into several sections.

Most reports allow specifications to be made, which can be made above the diagrams/lists.


Note: If you want to view the entire data of a section, you can use Export Export As CSV.


Requirement: You need to be signed in as a contributor with the corresponding privilege (view reports) or as an administrator in order to view the various types of reports.

App Switcher Reports


Operation Logs

  1. Select Operation Logs from the reports list.
  2. Specify the time frame (range).
    Note: The log can show data from the current year and the entire year before.
  3. Under Search by you can filter your results by File Name, User or Operation.

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