What is it?

Cold Storage is a feature where users can archive and preview files and can bring the assets back out. Users typically store files in Cold Storage if they don’t need the file on a daily basis.

Who can move files into Cold Storage?

Only the Admin would be allowed to move assets into the cold storage.

1) Select the files by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of the file icon. A checkmark will designate that it will have been selected.

2) Click the Move to Cold Storage icon in the upper-right corner

3) The following pop-up will appear. Please note the functionality that will be lost once an asset is moved into Cold Storage. The Status will remain the same when an asset is moved to and from Cold Storage. Go ahead and select Proceed.

Who can restore files from Cold Storage?

Only the Admin would be able to restore files from Cold Storage. Contributors and Consumers can request an asset to be restored by following the steps below:

1) Hover over the asset.

2) Select the snowflake icon on the bottom of the asset.

3) A pop-up will appear and ask if you would like to restore the asset and a link will be sent to you when the restore process is complete. Select, Okay, send me the link.

NOTE: It does take time for assets to be restored from Cold Storage.

Video Guide: How to store and restore files in Cold Storage

Who can view Cold Storage and its files? 

Admin, Contributors, and Consumers would be able to view the thumbnail of an asset in Cold Storage. 

How do you know if the file is in Cold Storage?

The file will show a snowflake icon on the upper left-hand corner of the thumbnail.

How to find your Cold Storage files?

1) Go to the top right-hand corner and select the Filter icon.

2) Select the Storage dropdown menu

3) Select Cold Storage and Canto will bring up all your files in Cold Storage