Installing Canto Connect

Using Canto Connect for Upload Links

Using Canto Connect for Workspaces

Canto Connect - My Collections

Installing Canto Connect on Windows

Install Canto Connect using the installer on this page: (Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Once installed, login using your Canto URL, email address and password:

Click the Upload to button and select the folder within your library you would like to upload to:

Click Add another folder and select the folder from your computer which contains the assets you would like to upload:

Once the folder has been added, you can click UploadĀ from the bottom left to begin uploading all the assets to Canto:

If you have the metadata pop-up option enabled for Advanced Uploader/Canto Connect (Settings > Configuration Options > Upload Settings), you will be presented with a screen where you can apply metadata before uploading:

Once you hit Apply, the upload begins.

Using Canto Connect for Upload Links

Using Canto Connect for Workspaces

For workspaces, copy and paste the URL in the login screen and input your username and password.

Canto Connect - My Collections

If you would like to have your "My Collections" saved to your Windows Device, you can set up a sync using Canto Connect.

Once you are logged in to Canto Connect, please select the settings icon:

Head over to the Settings tab:

Next to 'Canto Sync Folder', select Change and choose the folder on your Computer where you would like to save the assets:

Head to the Status tab:

Ensure My Collections is On, showing orange on the bottom right of the screen:

Open your web browser and log in to your Canto account.

By default, the sync for "My Collections" is deactivated:

Click on the desired collection and activate the sync to your Windows Device: