Installer files:

Select the installation package by OS: 

For the Mac installer, when opening the .pkg file, this message will pop up:

Navigate to System Preferences >

Security & Privacy >

General Tab >

Open Anyway >

Login to the Photoshop connector:

Once you open Photoshop, you can access the connector window if it has not opened yet:

Window > Extensions > Canto Photoshop Connector

Once the window comes up, enter your Canto URL:

Enter your Canto URL and login credentials here:

And Sign In.

How to use videos:

Bring files from Canto directly into Photoshop:

How to upload files to Canto from Photoshop:

Canto Photoshop Connector window:

1 & 8) Open your Canto library to search through your folders and albums.

2) Search for assets via text search.

3) Upload edited files to Canto.

4) Open Canto within your browser.

5) Refresh/Reload your Canto library. This button updates the listing with any new/removed assets from your Canto library.

6) Clear cache. This clears out the locally stored temp files used by the Canto connector. This is useful if you are running into issues adding a Canto asset from the connector to Photoshop

7) Logout from your Canto account.