(This plugin works with InDesign CC 2018 and CC 2019)

Select the installation package by OS: 

macOS specific instructions:

For the macOS installer, when opening the .pkg file, this message will pop up:

Navigate to System Preferences >

Security & Privacy >

General Tab >

Open Anyway >

How to Use:

  • Open the Extension.
  • Input your Canto Instance URL, then Login and Authenticate.
  • Canto InDesign Connector functions:

    1. Image name.  Click to position the image in the document.
    2. Resolution title. Click to update all to high resolution. (Windows: Ctrl + Click on “Resolution”) (Mac: Cmd + Click on “Resolution”)
    3. Version title. Click to update all to new file version. (Windows: Ctrl + Click on “Version”) (Mac: Cmd + Click on “Version”)
    4. Green circle with checkbox means the file added is the latest version.
    5. Yellow circle with exclamation mark means it has a new version. Click to update.
    6. Red circle with an X means the file has been deleted from Canto.
    7. Can click. High-resolution and low-resolution switch each other.
    8. Click the Canto icon to be directed to your Canto URL on the browser.
    9. Refresh.
    10. Clear Cache.
    11. Switch Canto URL.
    12. Logout.

Update links:

When sending over an InDesign document (.indd) to another user for editing, at first open, the user will need to click the 'update links' icon to obtain all the Canto assets used in the document.