New Features:

Style Guides 

Canto now supports the creation and management of Style Guides. Create public or private style guides to showcase your brand’s Colors, Typography, Imagery and Copy. 

Asset Request

For users looking to exercise more control over the assets they share, the Asset Request feature gives the ability to distribute watermarked and/or low-res content but forces the consumer to place a request for the original file before downloading the file from a portal.

Document Text Translation

For multilingual teams, the extracted text from a document in Canto can now be translated using Amazon’s powerful Translate feature from English to Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish and vice versa.

Customization/ Configuration:

The following global settings give Administrators greater control over how end users experience the Canto platform. Talk with your users and make configuration adjustments to align with your team’s behaviors and needs.

Default Setting for Advanced Search

If you would like to search only within certain fields in Canto, admins can now set the default search options, thereby not having to check the field each time users run a search.

Metadata Editor Window Customization

Customize the metadata editor to your liking. If you make use of only certain fields, customize the editor under Custom Configuration in the Settings Page.

Customize Filter Panel 

Admins can customize how the filter panel displays. You now have the option to choose which fields should be displayed in the filter panel and can sort the order too.

Customize List View Columns

The list view columns can now be configured to display the appropriate metadata.

Download Restrictions By Filetype

Admins can now restrict users from downloading certain filetypes.


Drupal Integration

For teams that work with Drupal, you can now connect your favorite DAM to Drupal to pull content from your Canto account into Drupal.

Canto Universal Connector

Integrating with Canto is now quick and easy. Any application that can support JavaScript library can make use of the Universal Connector to integrate with Canto.

Canto Connect for Windows

The Canto Connect app is now available for Windows. Make use of the advanced upload options such as import of content in bulk, complex folder structures and metadata.

(Download Link:

Create Albums from a CSV 

You can now create a folder tree from a CSV file by using the metadata importer. Follow the recommended guidelines on how to format your CSV and then use the Canto Metadata Importer feature to create a folder tree.


Activity Feed Export

Admins can now export their entire activity for a specific date range as a CSV file.

Zoom in on Previews 

When in full screen mode, users can now make use of the powerful superzoom feature. For a high resolution TIFF file, users can zoom in to almost 60x to see the image up close.

Disable PDF & Document Previews

Admins now have the ability to prevent Contributors and Consumers from previewing a PDF or a Document file.

(Enable within Settings > Users & Groups > Privileges)