SFO introduces the ability to link individual box folders to your Canto account. Once a folder is connected, asset metadata is extracted and visual previews of your files will be displayed. Users will now be able to take advantage of Canto's extensive tagging, organizing and sharing capabilities with these files.

Intuitive Approval Process

One of the core principles of Canto is the ability for users to collaborate on assets. In prior releases, we have introduced the ability for members to socially comment on files and subsequently notify these tagged users of new files or actions that may need to be taken. We have also provided the ability for new versions of files to be uploaded, while maintaining availability of previous versions.

In SFO, we build on Canto’s collaborative capabilities by allowing Admins to determine the status of assets. An asset can now be defined as ‘pending’, ‘approved’ or ‘restricted’.

Beyond the ability to now build an approval process workflow into Canto, these three status’ will also determine what is available for consumption on public portals. Assets that are currently ‘pending’ or have been ‘restricted’ will not be shown. Only items that have been ‘approved’ for distribution will be viewable on public portals. The status of an asset can be changed at any time.


Additional Filters Add Power to Search

Canto’s powerful filtering capabilities allow uses to perform global searches of the entire Canto database and refine results as needed. With SFO, we have enhanced this feature by adding the ability to filter by pixel dimension, resolution and orientation for images and duration for videos.

Customized Login Page

Maintaining brand standards and principles is a top priority for all marketers; that’s why we have given pilots the control to define logo, and primary and secondary application colors.

In SFO, we give additional brand control to Admins by allowing them to:

  • Provide a Site Title
  • Create a welcome message when users login
  • Allow for customization of background image on login page

These elements can be changed by navigating to: Settings > Configurations > Custom Branding.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Overhauled Settings menus: Easier navigation for Pilots
  • It is now possible to directly drag and drop files onto the folder/album tree to upload directly into an album
  • Consistent thumbnail extraction for AI, INDD, PDF and EPS files
  • Album and Folder creation is now always available directly within the tree
  • Versioning made easier: it is now possible to upload a new version of an asset without matching names or the same file extension.
  • Delete Keywords: it is now possible to delete a keyword even though files are still assigned to it.