Google Drive Integration

Canto LAX introduces our newest Canto connection: Google Drive. Just like the Box integration, you are able to connect Google Drive folders to your Canto account. Once a folder is connected, assets are imported, metadata is extracted and visual previews of your files become available. Users will now be able to take advantage of Canto's extensive tagging, organizing and sharing capabilities with these files.

Admins can connect their box accounts and select the folder(s) they want to import into Canto:

GoogleDrive folders are clearly marked in your folder and album structure in Canto so every user can see which folders are imported from which source.

In our Active Integrations section in the Admin settings, all active connection to GoogleDrive (and Box) are listed and can be updated (or disconnected) by any Admin. Don’t worry – if you disconnect your integration, you don’t lose your files – you are simply cutting the synchronization chord between two cloud systems.


Powerful Keywords: XMP/IPTC Metadata Connection

Instead of storing your XMP or IPTC keywords in a (hidden) standard metadata field, we now make them visible, interactive and fully synchronize-able: Your XMP or IPTC Keywords become Canto Tags, which are directly added (automatically) to your tag library – or controlled vocabulary.

In return, we also write Canto Tags (and Keywords) back into your file and store them in the XMP/IPTC keywords field. This way you can always make sure that metadata that is added to your file in Canto will retain the data when users download or share with others.

Whether you download the original files, create a conversion or run a multi-file download – the keywords and tags will remain.

iPad App – Mark files to become offline available

We at Canto know that having your files in the cloud is amazing – for as long as you have internet. What if you are in a client’s office and want to show them files but don’t want to have to go through the pain of asking for their wifi? With our new iPad app, you can simply pre select your files and make them offline available. Then – when you are connecting to the Canto app without wifi connection, you will still have full access to your offline files.

Duplicate Handling

We are now comparing any incoming file to your library and are able to define duplicated even before they make it into your library. Let your Admin define the settings for how exactly you want to handle duplicates, but rest assured, your Canto albums will be organized.

Additional Interface Configuration

Love the list view? Only manage videos? Not a problem. Now you can define how you want Canto to load for your users when they log in. Instead of defaulting to the image Smart Album and the thumbnail (tile) view, Pilots now have the ability to fully customize their entry screens.

More Granular Privileges

Don’t want your passengers to see the internal comments on a file or other details? Don’t want to disclose to your crew members that myfile.jpg is already in version 1432? Not a problem. Now you can define what the different user groups can see.

Take your reporting data with you

Canto now lets you download all your reports (as well as your user data) as CSV files.

Advanced Uploader Overhaul

Our java based advanced uploader has been expanded to retain a folder structure you may want to upload. Instead of just starting a lighting fast background upload process to get all your files into Canto over night (which is pretty cool in the first place), we now retain any structure you may have on your hard drives. Now don’t forget: Folders and albums are searchable data, so your intelligence may have just come into Canto without you even having to tag or keyword anything!

Centralized Brand Portal for multiple clients

Are you an agency who has different clients with different needs, brands and files you want to share? Do you want to create a brand portal (or a team sharing space) for your different clients without worrying about versions and having access to the wrong files? Here’s what you can do now:

  • Create one central login page (your main Canto account) and brand it to your liking.
  • Create a (client branded) portal for each client
  • Let them all login through your central page
  • Stop worrying about permission or access to files

Cold Storage

We want to make sure you really can store ALL your files in the cloud without going bankrupt, so we introduced an archive function that allows you to

a) purchase cold storage at a fraction of the price of hot storage 

b) easily archive (and restore) your files if you ever need them again.

Users can find and preview archived files – just like all the active (hot) files in your repository and – if they really need them – they can request them. But the files you don’t need on a daily basis can just be archived away without sitting on your wallet.

API is online

With the Canto API we allow developers to create connections to Canto. Automating features like automatic uploading and metadata extraction from other systems as well as display of any Canto file (in any converted or transcoded format) is possible. Check out the Canto API.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Search for all untagged or unkeyworded files with one click
  • Our (global) notification bar does not overlap your logo anymore
  • Download History displays the exact time stamp of a download (not only the date)
  • Design Overhaul of the filters column
  • More robust server architecture to support our growing user base
  • Approval Process Enhancements
  • Fixed a bug that mapped metadata incorrectly within Canto
  • Expanded the Spanish interface to support all Canto emails and shared album screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused a lock up during upload of certain PDF files
  • Some minor interface enhancements