New Canto Connection: Dropbox

JFK introduces our newest Canto connection: Dropbox. Just like the Box and Google Drive integrations, you are able to connect Dropbox folders to your Canto account. Once a folder is connected, assets are imported, metadata is extracted and visual previews of your files become available. Users will now be able to take advantage of Canto's extensive tagging, organizing and sharing capabilities with these files.

Admins can connect their Dropbox accounts and select the folder(s) they want to import into Canto:

Dropbox folders are clearly marked in your folder and album structure in Canto so every user can see which folders are imported from which source.

In our Active Integrations section in the Pilot settings, all active connections to Dropbox  are listed and can be updated (or disconnected) by any Pilot. Don’t worry – if you disconnect your integration, you don’t lose your files – you are simply cutting the synchronization chord between two cloud systems.

Add Descriptive Information During Upload

Canto now makes optimizing files for search even easier by allowing you to add descriptive information when you upload content. Quickly add keywords, tags, descriptions and any configured custom fields to ensure files can be found. Define the status (pending, approved or restricted) of assets to ensure the right users can access the right files.

Admins can easily enable this feature by visiting Settings (Configuration >> Additional Features)

Advanced search

Canto JFK allows you to go beyond global search. Use ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ to combine terms or search for two values at once.

Want to locate files based on specific field? No problem. Canto now has the ability to search specifically within ‘Description’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Filename’, ‘Comments’ or ‘Author’.

Send notifications to groups

@Marketing @Sales @R&D This is one of those features that’s just a no-brainer! When you need feedback from the whole team, simply ‘@’ mention the group and all members will be notified. Users can now receive feedback or inform users of new versions. Users can reply back to the entire group or to individual members.

Zoom & Crop

Need a close-up of your new product but don’t want to use complex design tools? We’ve got you covered. Canto now gives users the option to easily zoom and crop images before download.

Simply need a smaller version of a file? Canto can help with that too. Download images at Full Scale, Medium (50%) or Small (25%). And don’t worry – Canto dynamically displays pixel dimensions so users know what they’re getting before downloading.

Image Watermarks for Portals

When enabled, Canto can automatically overlay a logo watermark directly onto image previews and images available for download or previewing on portals. Watermarks allow you to protect your valuable brand assets from being used improperly. Watermark downloads will only occur as a png or jpg file type. For example, if you upload a photoshop file and it is part of the watermark portal – when downloaded by crew or passenger, they will only get a sample of the graphic, not the original Photoshop file. This way your original file is protect and only available to the crew or passengers of your choosing.

Permission Approval Toggle for Portals

Choose whether or not you want to approve files for portals. We’ve found that some Canto users would rather just let the portal assume approval of the files then approving each file for use.

iPad Updates

  • Upon upload, Canto automatically extracts file information (metadata), and assigns it to a smart album based on file types so you can quickly switch between images, videos, audio, documents, presentations and more.
  • Reporting allows you to quickly monitor your team’s activity, which users contribute the most, file activity, storage capacity for each individual file type as well as sharing activity and much more.
  • Securely store, organize and share your entire photo catalog and image library in the cloud.
  • Video management made easy with full screen video previews and shared via links not attachments.
  • Organize your audio assets and listen to full-length streaming previews.
  • Share your latest version of the presentation without needing to rename the file.
  • Keep your assets secure with enterprise-strength security and encryption.