AUS introduces Canto’s newest feature: Digital Rights Management. DRM packs a punch with three new elements to help you manage your brand assets: Terms & Conditions, Copyright, and Watermark. 

Utilizing the DRM features adds an additional layer of protection to your assets. Control access permissions to ensure files are being accessed and used the way you want.

Terms & Conditions

Add a link to your company’s Terms & Conditions page, per file or in bulk. Passengers will now be able to view and accept the Terms and Conditions link before downloading the file.


View existing copyright information from the files information page. You can edit or add a copyright in the provided text field.


Watermarks are now better than ever. Not only can you watermark individual assets; you can also decide where that watermark will appear.

For example, you can allow passengers with main tenant access to download the original file, but the file will be watermarked when accessed in portals.

You can also now set the Canto clock

Although our release codes have remained domestic, Canto is an international application. With AUS we’ve added in the ability for pilots to set what time zone their Canto instance will adhere to. Expiration dates for approved files and share links will now follow your defined time zone.

Canto Upgrades:

Auto-refresh after upload

Gone are the days of manually refreshing the page after uploading files to Canto. The AUS release has Canto do that for you, so you can focus on optimizing those files for search.

Faster Folder & Album Browsing

AUS bumps up processing power so you can quickly navigate to the Folder or Album you’re looking for — even those of you with hundreds of Folders with complex hierarchies.

Download Screen UI enhancement

Only interested in downloading a file as it was originally uploaded? We’ve heard that’s the majority of our customers and we have tailored the download screen to fit this need.

Still love the creative download options? Don’t worry, we didn’t take them away. Click ‘Advanced Options’ to access file format conversion options, zooming and cropping.