Finally, an easier way to add multiple passengers to a Canto account: self-registration. No more need for admins to register new users individually.

A new passenger can either register with a specified email domain or receive an invitation code. The code will allow them to register themselves and start using Canto right away.

File Relations

An excellent new way to group files together that may be related to the same project, campaign, or theme. Select the relevant files that you wish to relate and select “Relate Files” from the bulk edit menu.

By checking a file’s information view, you can see which other files it’s related to.

Upload Link

Upload Links allow external providers, like photographers, marketing agencies, and other contributors who aren’t registered with the main library, to use a shared link to upload files. This gives admins better control over access to the main library, as well as the means to pre-approve incoming content.

Admins can create new Upload Links and manage the active ones from the Settings.

Personalized Layout for Information View

Since no two organizations are alike, you can now personalize the displayed Information View. By rearranging the different sections, admins can determine how the 11 sections in the Information View are displayed.

Commenting on Versions

You can now do a lot more with version control – leave comments on specific versions to paint a fuller picture of a file’s development.

Click the Versions section on a file’s Information View page and leave a comment on any version.

Publishing Portals

Canto’s new publishing portals will automatically sync updates to content that occur in the main library. Creating and managing them is the same as Canto’s original portals, only now they’re easier to use than ever before.