Slack Integration

Our new integration can notify you on a designated Canto channel every time files are added or shared, new albums are added or updated, portals are updated, a file status changes, or if a comment is left on a file. You can pick and choose which options to include.

Users can also share directly from Canto by and choose which channels they’d like to share to.

Enhanced Watermarking

Watermarks can now be positioned in 9 different areas of an image. They can also be scaled down to a more desirable size. For extra convenience, a preview screen in the Digital Rights Management settings will now show how the watermark will appear when in use.

Enhanced User Menu and Albums Menu

When adding new users to groups or adding a file to an album, the menus are now more easily navigated and searchable.

Easy Rename for Folders and Albums

Folders and albums can now be renamed directly from the Folder and Album structure. No more need to go into the folder or album itself. Just click on the edit icon next to the album or folder.

Disable Sections in Information View

We know every team is different, and some teams might not utilize every function in the Information View, like related files or digital rights management. These sections can now be disabled by moving them into the “Hangar” in the Settings, for a cleaner and more manageable file information page.

New Default Account Options

A new way to reinforce your branding and enhance your Canto experience: you can now have Canto open directly to an album or folder of your choice. There are also new default sorting options for how assets are displayed.

Exact Crop and Resize

When cropping or resizing an image, you can choose exact precision down to the pixel. This is ideal for resizing images that need specific dimensions, like for posting on social media sites

Bulk Download Link 

To make it easier and faster to download many files at once, we’ve introduced the bulk download link.

If you try to download 50 files or more, or the size of your download is more than 100MB, Canto will automatically send you an email with an attached download link. Your files will be included in a zip file.

Users can also share directly from Canto by and choose which channels they’d like to share to.