Canto PHL introduces a gorgeous new interface and an enhanced experience to make managing your digital assets easy. We’re also introducing highly-requested features for more customizable collaboration.

Redesigned Interface 

Canto’s new interface not only looks good, it even works better than before! The dashboard is more streamlined, there are more display options to choose from, and the organization of folders and albums can be changed right in the Folder & Album Structure view. Admins also have more customization options to better match their account to their company’s branding.

Masonry Layout View

In keeping with Canto’s upgraded visuals, we’ve also introduced a new Masonry Layout View for visual assets. With this layout, thumbnails can be displayed with truer dimensions and size ratios. Now it’s faster and easier to find the file you’re looking for without an extra search.


Workspace is the new collaboration feature for developing and managing content in a more contained setting. Workspace is very similar to portals, only they’re not designed for public collaboration. 

Admins can create a new Workspace for small teams to focus on hidden assets or content that shouldn’t yet be in the Main Library or portals. When Workspace content is ready to share, it only takes one click to send them to the Main Library.

Download Presets

Want more control of how users collaborate in Portals? You can now set predefined ratio sizes for image downloads. These are ideal for the standard ratios of social media sites and advertisements.