We recently added three new features to Canto: Google Analytics Tracking, Expanded S3 Regions and Multiple Watermark Management. All of these can help you get the most out of your Canto account and digital assets.

Google Analytics Tracking 

Canto users can now track how their account is used and viewed via Google Analytics. By entering a tracking ID into Canto, your account data will be sent to Google Analytics.

Users can utilize the analytics data in a number of ways, including usage reports and account adjustments.

Expanded S3 Regions for Optimal Performance

Canto is now able to take advantage of global S3 storage locations through Amazon Web Services. New Canto customers can now choose one of seven “bucket” locations to store their files.

Choosing a closer region means faster upload and download speeds. The locations to choose from are:

  • North Virginia
  • Oregon
  • Northern California
  • Ireland
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney
  • Singapore

Existing customers can change their storage location for a one-time fee.

Multiple Watermark Management

Users can now upload multiple watermarks to choose from. It works just as it did before: upload the watermark in Settings / Digital Rights Management, but now they can be named and given an extra description. Any user with editing privileges can then choose which watermark they’d like to apply to an image.

Please note: Canto Advanced Uploader is no longer supported on Firefox 52 (March 2017 version). This is due to Firefox stopping support of Java plugins.