The latest Canto CDG release enhances how users experience digital asset management. We’ve included some cool new features and enhancements, including Smart Tags, Password Policies, and new ways to preview Powerpoint files and share watermarked assets.

Smart Tags

We’re introducing Smart Tags with the CDG release! Built upon AWS Rekognition, Canto can now detect objects and other details in an image and create relevant tags that are automatically attached to an asset. Smart Tags can be configured based on Rekognition’s “confidence” and how many automatic tags to attach to an asset.

Smart Tags are currently only available in the US and Europe.

Enhanced Powerpoint Previews

Powerpoint previews get an upgrade in CDG. Users can now preview an entire Powerpoint presentation directly from Canto.

Password Policies 

Administrators can now set up a password policy for extra security. They can apply rules that all passwords in their Canto account must follow, like specific character lengths, using special characters, preventing the reuse of older passwords, and requiring users to change their password after a number of days.

Add a Watermark When Sharing a File 

One of our most requested features is finally available – you can now add a watermark to a file as you’re sharing it. This makes adding a watermark incredibly easy and fitting for various workflows. Simply share through an email or collection link and click “Enable Watermark”.

In case you missed it, we implemented a number of new features in between this release and the last one. Click here to learn more about Canto’s Google Analytics integration, multiple watermark management, and expanded S3 regions for optimal Canto performance.

Mandatory Fields

Administrators can now make certain metadata fields required during asset upload.

Bulk Assign Edits

Users can now select multiple assets within the edit screen, and bulk assign them as many albums as desired, saving time.