If you'd like to share a link to someone so they can immediately download or preview a file, use a Direct URL

This option is available for images and videos only. 

The Original link will give access to the original file. Recipients can download the file from the link by right-clicking and choosing "Save Image As".

The Preview link shares a low resolution version of an image or a low resolution MP4 version of a video. 

As an admin, make sure to add Direct URLs to the Information Page so that other Canto users can see and use it.

1) Go to Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration

2) Select the Information Page tab

3) If the option might not yet be added to the layout. Click on it to add it.

4) Position the option whereever you want it to appear on the Information Page.

As a contributor, you can share Direct URLs as follows.

1) Navigate to the file's Information Page.

2) Find the Direct URLs section.

3) Click Copy to clipboard to copy the link. Choose Original File to share the original file or Preview Image to share a low-resolution preview.