Portals can be customized with their own colors and branding options.


To do so:


1) Navigate to the Settings and select the Portals tab. Click the New Portal icon.

2) Click on the Custom Branding sub-tab.

3) You can customize your portal in many ways to fit your team's branding. The perforated white boxes denote an area that can be changed. Click inside the box to edit. 

Available for change are details like titles, layout, themes, welcome header image, search bar, and background.  

Here is an example of a portal customized to best represent company brand.

4) If you'd like to save and re-use branding themes, you can save up to 16 themes so you don't have to build them all over again.

You may also clone a portal and duplicate its contents, including the branding.  


How to brand Portals in Flight by Canto