*Note: this only applies for Legacy Portals (older portals that are not Publishing Portals). Copying outside content to the main library is now currently accomplished with Upload Links. 

If you are still using Legacy Portals in your account, this method will continue to work.

Content that has been developed in a Legacy Portal can be copied back over to the Main Library.

Administrators are the only users who can copy content from a Legacy Portal to the Main Library.

To copy content over, Administrators should navigate to the to Settings, and then select the Portals tab, followed by the existing portal you would like to edit. Click on the pencil icon to edit.


Under the Content sub-tab, you can begin editing.

A window will prompt the Administrator to choose content to migrate over to the Portal, and vice versa. 

To copy content from the Portal to the main library, select the folder or album from the Portal and click on it. 

Click Ok when finished.