With the Digital Rights Management option on, users can apply watermarks to files. They can also determine where the watermarked file appears (either in the Main Library or Portals).

First, open the asset's Preview Page

Click on the DRM button, and now select the Watermark you'd like to use. Once the watermark is selected, the Image Location option shows up. Here, you can select the location of the asset. 

Click Add to apply the Watermark. The file can appear with a watermark in more than one location.

Note: The Image Location option would list all available portals regardless of where the asset resides. Thereby, when the file is added to a portal, the watermark is already applied to the file. 

The selected watermark and location will appear as a tag underneath the dropdown field. 

If auto-sync is enabled, the watermark will automatically appear after in the portal.

Watermark can also be added in bulk 

Select the files you want to watermark and click on the Metadata Editor icon. 


In the Edit Content window, you can select the Watermark and the Image Location.

Watermarks are only visible to Consumers and anonymous visitors of a public portal. Furthermore, a watermark only shows on the preview screen of an image and when downloading it.

How to watermark images in Flight by Canto