Canto will recognize if an uploaded file is a duplicate of a preexisting file in the system. Canto uses the MD5 technology, which is like a digital fingerprint for each file. So, unless the content is modified the MD5 hash tends to be the same and Canto will flag that as a duplicate. 

Administrators can set up options for how to deal with duplicates.

1) Navigate to Settings, and then select the Configuration Options tab, followed by the Duplicates sub-tab. 

From here, Administrators can either enable or disable automatic duplicate check by checking the box.

When enabled, the options for handling duplicates are:
  • be notified if the uploaded file is a duplicate (‘Show dialog’)
  • the duplicate file is immediately removed (‘Remove duplicates without dialog’)

An option to immediately remove duplicates from storage services (Box, Dropbox and Google Drive) is also available.

How to use duplicate check to prevent multiple file copies