To customize the branding of a portal:

1) Navigate to the Settings and select the Portals tab. Click the New Portal icon.

2) Click on the Custom Branding sub-tab.

3) The perforated white boxes denotes an area that can be changed. Click inside the box to edit. 

You'll have various branding options available, including:
  • Changing the coloring of the Portal, including the background, icons, and text
  • Uploading a new logo to display for the Portal
  • Changing the login page, including the background, the Portal's displayed title, and welcome message
  • The "About Us" section

4) Click Save in the upper-right corner of the page to save your changes.

5) If you'd like to save and re-use branding themes, you can save up to 16 themes so you don't have to build them all over again. 

You may also clone a portal and duplicate its contents, including the branding.  

How to brand Portals in Flight by Canto