Canto WordPress Plugin Support

Installing the Canto WordPress Plug-In

Installing the plugin can be done either by searching for “Canto” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via Canto WordPress Plugin
  2. Upload the .ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Configuring the Canto WordPress Plug-In

Navigate to the Canto plugin settings page, located under the WP Admin Settings panel

Click "Login to Canto" to connect to your Canto instance

You will be redirected to a Canto login page where you will need to authenticate your account using your Tenant Name, Email Address and Password

Once you Sign In, you will be asked to Allow access. Click "Allow" to proceed. You will be redirected back to your Wordpress settings page. You will also have access to additional plugin configuration options.

Note: Canto uses OAuth security tokens for authentication. For security purposes these tokens will expire on the date indicated on your settings page. You will need to re-authenticate on that date to continue use the Canto Wordpress Plugin

Plugin Options

  • Duplicate Check - This will check if a file has been added to Wordpress from Canto each time a file is inserted into the Wordpress Media Library using the Canto Wordpress Plugin.. If the file already exists in your Wordpress Media Library, Canto will link to the existing file to prevent duplicates. If there are any changes made to the Wordpress image settings, it will automatically update the Media Library as it would using the standard Wordpress Media functions.
  • Automatic Updates - If selected, you will be provided with options for when to automatically check for changes in your Canto library. We used native Wordpress Cron scheduling tasks, so you will need to ensure that

    is not true for your Wordpress site. You can use WP Crontrol to check if Cron scheduling is working for your site.

Using the Canto WordPress Plug-In

The Canto WordPress Plugin integrates with native WordPress functionality for adding images to your website. Without ever leaving the Wordpress UI, you will be able to search for your centrally-stored content directly in Canto. You can pull in images, reduce file size and automatically check for updates. 

Clicking the “Add Media” button will allow you to access your images from your Canto account.

In the pop-up dialog, you will see the Canto link is on the left side navigation. Click on the link to load your image files from Canto.

Once you choose an image, simply click on it. It will then retrieve the file information in a modal preview:

Select and set the file information, alternate text, caption, alignment, linking and other image options. Then use the Insert into Post function.

Our plugin is built by our resident WordPress experts who have over a decade of experience with Wordpress. So we know the importance of saving the information locally to the WordPress Media Library. Once you insert into post, your images will be saved and use a file path from your local server. It will automatically be stored in backups and also be usable by any CDN configurations or plugins used on your website.

Support for Canto WordPress Plug-In

Like all great WordPress plugins, ours is publicly available under the GNU General Public License. You are welcome to clone or branch to use as needed, or keep up-to-date as we continue to add more awesome features!