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Canto Version 5.10.15 - June 17th, 2024

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Cold Storage Reports

We understand the importance of quickly accessing detailed information about your projects. That's why our team has created two new graphs to provide details about all assets currently in Cold Storage. You can find the new graphs in the sections "Storage by File Type" and "File Count by Type" on the Reports Dashboard.

The Reports Dashboard - the graph "Cold Storage" is highlighted.

To learn more about reports and Cold Storage, please visit the articles "View Admin Dashboard" and "Cold Storage - Overview".

Canto Bot Update

For many users, Canto Bot is the first point of contact when they need support. In an effort to streamline integration into your workflows and improve the overall user experience, Canto Bot will only be visible to users who are signed in to Canto, and its widget will no longer be displayed on public portals and style guides. Additionally, Canto Bot can now be disabled for users with the Consumer role. To request this change, please reach out to our Support Team, who will be happy to assist.

Improvements to performance and stability

We are continuously improving Canto's stability and security.

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