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Adobe Connector v.3.3.0 - July 2022

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What's new:

Image import options

  • When adding images from Canto to InDesign using the connector, there is now the option to launch the built-in import options for InDesign.
  • It's possible to adjust the image color profile, clipping path, and other settings before they are placed in the document.
  • This option is available when adding images individually or in bulk.

PDF documents

  • It is now possible to search and insert PDF files into the InDesign document.

PDF and InDesign document import options

  • When adding PDF and InDesign files to an InDesign document, the built-in import options are available to select which pages to add, configure, crop, adjust transparency, and add layers before the file(s) are placed.
  • This option is available when adding the documents individually or in bulk.
  • It's been possible to relink one file at a time or relink all, but now it's possible to select which individual files to relink

The same assets are grouped in the Assets tab

  • Until now, if the same file has been used multiple times, it would be shown in the list by the order the files are placed. Now, the same files will be grouped together making them easier to find.

Preview thumbnails and images support transparency 

  • Until now, images that have transparency have their transparent sections shown as white. Transparency-supported image types such as PNG, EPS, and TIFF will now display the correct transparent sections.
  • This is applicable to the search in all applications for the Adobe Connector: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier Pro.

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