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New Features - Asset Level Reporting, Hybrid Logins, Asset Discovery Enhancements and More - September 2018

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Asset Level Reporting

Admins can now track usage activity at the asset level.

Open the Configure Information Page section to add the Usage History and Activity sections to track the usage and activity of a single asset.




Canto Hybrid Logins

For teams who work with a lot of external users, Canto now supports both Single Sign On and Application level logins. If you choose to setup SSO, you can still create users with in Canto simultaneously and these users don’t have to be part of the company’s directory.


Tags & Keywords Added Functionality

If you find an asset you like and would like to see similar assets without leaving the preview or the details page, just click on the tag or the keyword to find similarly tagged or keyworded images.


Canto API Keys within the App

It is easy to build an integration with Canto using our API. Admins can now generate the required API keys from within Canto. Navigate to Settings and Configuration Options to generate the API keys.



Duplicate Check – Filename

In addition to MD5 based duplicate checks, Admins can now enable duplicate checks on Filenames, which will allow Canto to remove duplicate content based on Filenames during upload.



WCAG 2.0 Compatibility

Canto is now WCAG 2.0 compatible to make content in Canto more accessible to people with disabilities. Here's a list of Keyboard shortcuts to help navigation.


Folders & Albums To Show Portal Information

To know which Folders & Albums are shared to a portal, open the Details view of the Folder or Album to see the list of portals that Folder or Album has been shared to.



Message Notifications Enhancement

Clicking on the “File Uploaded” notification in the message board will now show the exact file in case of a single upload. If multiple files were uploaded, clicking on the notification, will display the entire collection of files that were uploaded.


Portals | Library Tree Order

When setting up a portal, users can set the default order for a Portal’s Folder Tree based on Name, Date or Type.


New Folder Icons & Folder Cover Picture

The folder icons in Canto have been redesigned to allow admins the option to choose a Folder cover photo.


Copyright Information

In addition to writing back Copyright information to an asset, if an asset has embedded Copyright information, Canto will now read and display Copyright metadata when an asset is uploaded to Canto.


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