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New Features - Email Preferences, Crop, Resize & Compress Images and More - February 2019

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Canto Version 5.2


Notification Preferences for Canto Emails

Users will now be able to choose the day(s) they would like to receive email notifications from Canto and the activity type.




Download Options – Edit on the fly 

Admins & Contributors can now resize, crop & compress an image on the fly and choose whether they would like to download or save it back as a new version into Canto.



Convert an image from CMYK to RGB and vice versa

Canto now offers the option to convert an image from CMYK to RGB and vice versa upon download.



Password protected Canto share links

Users can now set a password when sharing content as links or email collections.





AWS Guard Duty (Security)


Canto now has Amazon’s Intelligent threat detection and monitoring.




Custom Fields in Upload Links


Canto now supports the option to enable Custom Fields in upload links along with tags, keywords and description.




New Field for Extracted Document Text


A new field in Canto called Document Text will now support all extracted texts from Documents and PDFs. Users will also be able to use the AWS Translate feature from the previous release to translate the text to other languages.






Previous Ten Search Terms


Canto will now remember the last 10 search terms in the Main Library and Portals independently.






Style Guide - Generate color name automatically


In the style setup screen for a style guide, when choosing a color from the palette Canto will display the color name for the corresponding hex/rgb value. Users may override the default color name.







Terms & Conditions now support hyperlinks 


For users that have an existing Terms & Conditions document either on their corporate website or as an URL can just paste the hyperlink in the Terms & Conditions box and Canto will display the URL before allowing download.




Preview HTML (.html) files 


Canto now supports the preview of HTML files.





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