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New Features – Follow Folders, Copy Tags and More New Features - July 2018

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Whats New?


Follow Folders


Follow Folders along with Albums: Just hover over the folder thumbnail and click the follow icon. 


Copy Tags to Clipboard





For users who upload similar content, you can now save time by using the Copy Tags feature. Once you've copied the tags, you can then paste the copied tags on to the tags section of another file or in a text file. 










Longer Tags




Tag displays now adapt to length of text.








No. of Files & Size Information for Portals, Workspaces and Upload Links



You can now see the number of files along with the total size of an individual Portal, Workspace and an Upload Link. 








Resize Images in Bulk



In the bulk download option, you can now resize images before you download. 









Keyboard Shortcuts 



While in the preview view, press D on your keyboard to Download, C to add the file to your Collection, S to Share and F to Follow the file. 



Terms & Conditions viewable from Portals




If a file has Terms and Conditions enabled, users will now be able to see that in a Portal once they click download. 



Restore deleted Folders & Albums along with the contents


You can now restore Folders and Albums along with it's contents. If a Folder or Album is deleted, just head to the trash bin and click the Restore icon and the Folder or Album will be in the library tree along with the contents.


French Language




Oui! We now support French.

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