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New Features - Metadata Templates, Saved Queries, Read Text from Images and More... - May 2020

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Canto 5.6 Release


New Features:


Metadata Templates

Users can now save time when adding metadata by predefining Keywords, Tags and Custom Fields as a Template. Once a template has been created, use the Metadata Editor to select it and the Template would display during an upload.  You can create up to 25 templates in your account.


Saved Queries

Canto will now allow you to save a query, which can be a combination of a search, filter and folder (or album). Queries are saved at the individual user level with a maximum of 5 per user account. 

To save a query, perform a search and/or filter within the desired folder/album in the Main Library or even a Private Portal, and after the results are populated, mouse over the magnifying glass in the Search bar and save the Query by giving it a name.

To run a Saved Query later, mouse over the magnifying glass in the Search bar and you would see the list of saved queries in the dropdown. 


Read Text from Images

Taking full advantage of Amazon’s powerful Machine Learning capabilities, Canto will now read text from images and can add them to the Description or Tags field. 

To read the text, simply open Preview of an Image with a Text and click on the AZ icon. You could also do it in bulk by selecting multiple images and then clicking on the AZ icon from the multi-select options toolbar.

Tags exclude common prepositions and conjunctions (and, but, for, nor, etc).


Curated View as a Default Option in Main Library 

One of our popular features, the Curated View, can now be set as the default view for all users within the Main Library. 

And, in addition to that, Canto now has included an additional layer of protection to ensure that users don’t lose their well-designed Curated Albums. A new setting called Manage Curated Content has been added to the permissions page, which will prevent users who don’t have the rights to modify an album, from changing the curated Album. 


Text-Based Watermarks 

Canto will now support text as Watermarks. In the Digital Rights Management section under Settings, Admins would be able to create, either a Text or an Image based Watermark.



Asset Request Form – Customization 

The Asset Request Form can now be customized using different fields. Fields can be either a Text, Date, Number, Single Choice or a Multiple-Choice field. 

A maximum of 10 fields can be added to a form. 


Self-Registration Form – Customization 

The Self-Registration form can also be customized using different fields. Fields can be either a Text, Date, Number, Single Choice or a Multiple-Choice field. 

A maximum of 10 fields can be added to a form. 


Upload Links - Customization 

Canto will now allow users to customize their upload links according to their branding requirements. Customization options include background colors, text colors, logo, etc.  


Settings Page Search 

The settings page in Canto will now allow users to quickly search for any setting the user has access to. 


Terms & Conditions List

Admins will now be able to manage a list of different terms & conditions. 


Share Link Access Notification

When sharing a link from Canto, users will now be able to choose if they would like to get notified when the link is accessed for the first time.

Curated View in Workspaces

Curated View is now available in Workspaces.



Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party web applications using Webhooks. Webhooks from Canto will trigger a 3rd party systems based on a defined event within Canto. 

The events include new asset uploads, new versions, metadata updates, and when assets are deleted.   


Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Users will now be able to automatically or manually sync content from Microsoft OneDrive to Canto. And, will also be able to share finished content back to OneDrive.



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