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New Features - My Selections, Custom Field Sections, Brand Templates and More - September 2019

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Canto Version 5.4

Self-Registration Options for Multiple Portals

When setting up self-registration for multiple portals, Admins can choose different validation options – invitation code or(and) email domain.

My Selections

The My Selections feature in Canto allow users to gather and add assets to a temporary clipboard style location from which users can then Share files, relate files and even assign it to another Album. 



Custom Fields Sections

Canto now offers the ability to group Custom Fields. In the Custom Fields Settings page, Admins can create the Sections and add the Custom Fields to their respective Sections.

Predefined Tags for Upload Links

When creating an upload link, tags can be predefined now allowing the external user to choose from a list of quick tags.


Custom Field: URL Type Field Enhancement

The URL field can now store up to 10 URLs and when clicking on the URL will launch the webpage in a new browser tab.


Duplicate Check Enhancement: Scan & Remove Duplicates 

Canto now offers a duplicate check option even after files have uploaded in to the Library.

Just, click on the Check for Duplicates button in the Duplicate Check Settings page and Canto will create an album called Duplicates in the Folder Tree and will assign all duplicates to that Album. 

Define how Canto reads IPTC/XMP Metadata 

Canto now gives admins the option to define which metadata should be read when files are uploaded.


Contributors & Consumers can see expiration dates for Approved Files.   

If the file has been Approved for usage, Contributors & Consumers can see the Expiration Date of the File.

Crop Presets  

In addition to the existing preset (resize), Canto now offers the ability to create a preset for cropping. In the Download Presets creation page, simply choose the type of preset – crop or resize or both.          


Asset Request Enhancement 

An Asset can now be requested from the Preview view of a File.          


Bulk Edit Enhancement: Add or Overwrite Custom Text Fields 

Canto now offers the ability to either Add or Overwrite Custom Text Fields.

Watermark Enhancement: Watermark an entire Portal or Style Guide

A watermark can now be selected for an entire Portal or a Style Guide and the watermark will then be applied to all the Images in that Portal or Style Guide 

Import Keywords from a CSV

Canto now supports the ability to import Keywords in bulk from a CSV file.

Turn Off Auto Sync for 3rd Party Storage

Auto Sync can now be turned off for 3rd Party Storage Options such as Box, Dropbox, Box & Egnyte.

Facial Recognition: Auto suggest names

In the details section of an Image, when editing, Canto will now auto suggest the name of the person if that person already exists in the Canto Library.

Adjust DPI upon Download

When downloading an image, a user could input any custom value in the DPI field to adjust the DPI upon download.

Korean & Czech Language Support

Canto now supports Korean & Czech Language.

Retry when Upload is Cancelled

If an upload has to be cancelled, Canto will now allow the user to reupload the files without having to reselect the files again.

Style Guides Enhancement: More Color Palettes in the Colors Section

When setting up a Style Guide, Admins & Contributors will now have the option to choose up to 20 color palettes per section.


Sitecore Integration
Canto now integrates with one of the leading CMS platforms, Sitecore.

Egnyte Connect

Canto now integrates with Egnyte. Users of Egnyte can bring content into Canto to make use of Canto’s powerful features and when ready can also share it back into Egnyte.

Canto Connect

The Canto Connect Mac OS app now allows users to select a single file without having the need to create a folder first. Choose the file and the target location and the Canto Connect app will upload the file into your Library, even if the file is over 5GB.

Google Drive Integration: Shared Folders & Shared Team Drives 

The Canto Google Drive Integration now supports Personal Folders, Shared Folders and Shared Team Drives.

Canto Brand Templates

Canto Brand Templates allows non-designer end users to make minor pre-defined edits to InDesign files simply from within Canto - no design license or knowledge required.

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